The Full Moon 19th Oct, DOs & DON’Ts of YOGA

It’s very very windy in Sydney town today. A most unpleasant experience. The wind is gusty and gritty. The hot humid winds are driving folk indoors. It is also the school holidays and my friend Sally has to cosset herself and her 2 boys away, asthma and tempers flair when the wind flies.
If this is the result of global warming it feels grim…
To compensate I am sitting at my computer in my front clinic room, a cool room. I can see the sun and the Banksia tree outside. The tree is shaking almost shuddering and other than the occasional car the sunny streets are empty. Ironically I’m listening to an Icelandic composer, Ólafur Arnalds his album “For Now I Am Winter, “ is incandescently beautiful. Rolling smooth musical movements that flow through my body. I have done a few yoga practices to this album and it awakes in me a feeling of expansion that really translates into an extraordinary yoga experience, maybe it’s the cooling soothing effect of music inspired by vast cold landscapes. I saw Ólafur at the basement last Friday evening. The crowd was so quiet listening to the music and the sheer musicality of the group, piano, violin and cello was extraordinary. Here’s a link to him on Soundcloud:

I have been attempting to increase my Google rating. Apparently the only way is to get satisfied clients and yoga students to go on line and give me the thumbs up; now if you feel so inclined please do.
Like many small businesses I am feeling the Pinch. It’s more than that really, with yoga classes on line, glamorous young teachers waving their perfectly packaged perks bits at us it would be easy to mistake physical attractiveness and good graphics for competence in yoga teaching ability. In terms of my one on one therapy work that too suffers as people panic about money and work long hours and play hard to compensate. This is not the economic climate to ask people to be moderate. That is what I do, excessive behaviour of any sort, either too much or too little of anything for too long, will deteriorate your body, mind and consciousness. Economically challenging times means the forces of balance, moderation, calm and restraint are largely ignored as your lives swing from pole to pole. Get thee to a yoga class. Jus’ sayin’. Link:
A new course starts in mid October…

I’m a very traditional yoga teacher. I start with a connection, that is, rapport with a student. The next step is to really get to know each other to be able to support your journey, heal wounds, both emotional, mental and physical. Once that link of resonance is built on mutual trust, friendship and empathetic connection you, the yoga student, move forward into yoga. Yoga means union, as a teacher I start as I mean to continue in a state of alliance, the aim being to become warmer, more balanced human beings, responding to life’s inevitable changes with love for what is as it is, which frees us all up to make choices, exercise our free will to our best advantage. One of my students now in London, contacted me recently and said, “Every time I want to come out of a posture prematurely I hear your voice saying, Let your neck be free, inhale softly, exhale softer.” I was touched.

I was speaking with an very experienced health professional this morning, she is not well at the moment, and is having to take the time to examine her life and particularly her work. She said, ”A few months ago I would convene a workshop and command large numbers now not so much it costs me money to teach.”
I’m going to buck that trend and present my next workshop at Barefoot Yoga. The DOs & DON’Ts of YOGA, this is an exploration of the philosophy of Patangali’s (a yoga philosopher) YAMAS & NIYAMAS, the recommended character based behaviours (DOs) to approach balance and the restraints (DON’Ts) to inhibit destructive impulses. It’s on the Saturday, October 19th, the Full Moon, an auspicious time to study balance. See the Link below…

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