A Foundation Yoga Class for beginners is

A Foundation Yoga Class for beginners is starting on Wednesday 21st May at 6:00pm.Contact Maggi on 0403095779 to enrol. Venue Central Balmain
Maggi Nimmo is not like other yoga teachers, she works with simple postures that are safe and effective to do, yet challenge and strengthen your core
and joint support muscles.
Her emphasis is to teach you simple effective regimes that you can do throughout your day to keep your limbs and back strong and pain free. She will train you to stand in a poised and easy manner and
move with athletic grace.
She will challenge your support muscles until they quiver with increasing strength and the only thing you can do is dance a little or a lot for the joy of movement.
Maggi is a therapist and an expert in yoga rehabilitation. Even though the postures and movements are simple, they strengthen your legs and render your arms and shoulders mobile and lyrical. When your legs are strong and the arms graceful then the process changes and your arms and torso are made long and strong and your legs graceful and strong.
It’s a journey to calm your mind and activate your right to health, vitality, calm and graceful ease.

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