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Shane Cuppett of Turning Point Fitness, US.

I really love how FT has infiltrated and improved my golf swing. Here are some random FT instructional cues that have proven to be great GOLF “swing thoughts” for me. Pros will always tell you to keep your swing thoughts throughout a round simple and to a minimum so you’re not thinking too much. Funny how that also applies to your FT regimen. Anyway, I find these tips work well for everything…. full-swing, pitching, chipping, and putting. Remember, these positions are always gentle and never exaggerated.
“Tall Founder.” Use this for basically everything when you’re setting-up or addressing the ball. Hinge your hips and keep your chest tall. Be careful to not put too much weight in your heels. Your hips are gently pulled back but weight distribution is pretty even through the feet.
“Ground Up or Grip the Ground.” Gently press your toes into the ground to help stabilize your lower body. This will keep you from swaying/ sliding your hips back and through the swing which leads to inconsistent contact. Although I wouldn’t recommend a traditional anchored stance where your hips are internally rotated and you’re squeezing your heels towards each other. I feel this causes too much hip restriction and torque. Although I believe a mild and fluid “outside anchor” throughout the swing has some interesting application.
“Chin Back or Long Neck.” Stay tall through the swing by keeping your chin retracted (not tucked). This will help maintain your spine angle and keep you from dipping your head down or rounding your shoulders, which of course leads to the dreaded “fat” shot where you hit the ground well before the ball. Gently pulling your chin straight back will also help pull your shoulders back and out of a potentially restrictive rounded/ hunched position. You need your right arm (shoulder) to externally rotate at the top of your back swing to hinge your wrist and set the club properly. This is restricted when your shoulders are rounded or internally rotated. An old tried-but- true golf tip suggests that when you turn and reach the top of your back swing, your right arm should be in a position similar to holding a tray of drinks…. wrist flexed with the elbow tucked underneath and not flying out. You cannot achieve this position if the shoulders are internally rotated.
“Lift and brace.” Take a mild decompression breath before you swing, chip, or putt, especially if you’re riding around in a cart all day. This will help keep your rib cage lifted up and off of your pelvis which will translate into a less compressed torso and restricted shoulder turn. Gently pulling your abs inward and engaging your TVA when you exhale will help to stabilize and brace your spine for the upcoming rotary torque your body will have to absorb.

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