The Aftermath of the Full Moon

How are you going after last week’s full moon? I for one tried to lie low but ended up having a really social week.

A few people have been coming to see me for tension and stress, nothing new in that but I’ve noticed that at the time of full moon people yearn for what they haven’t got in a relationship. They yearn for sex, they regret certain decisions that have rendered them single. At other times of the lunar month people talk to me about work stress, their children, their aches and pains. At the full moon it’s all about loneliness.

A very wise man said to me once, ”If you want to lead an extraordinary life, then do the opposite to the common man.” Driven by hormones and a breeding imperative that is biological not personal the full moon pulls us towards yearning for sexual gratification, or just for something that might in some sense fulfil that need.

So at the time of the full moon rather than indulging in the crazy influences at least moderate your behaviour, maybe get up early, meditate if you feel agitated, relax if you feel restless, decide to watch your thoughts and slow your breathing if you get nervous.

The personal cost of impulsive behaviour is short term hangovers or guilt, the long term cost is illnesses both physical and mental. So when the moon is full, go slow and you will evolve beyond your hormone imperatives and start to recognise that you are more than the sum of your experiences. If you are agitated then you will only try to alleviate that if your are aware of your bigger self, a translucent being having a human experience, then the emotional hormonal pushes will be easy to manage.

Watch that moon it can be tricky.


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