The Most Sublime of Meditations

Let’s not pussy foot around any more, life, as we know it, is not infinite. We are full of delusions, ourselves, beliefs, habits that apparently have effects way beyond our ability to discern. Our habits drive our life’s decisions and directions.

Does this mortal coil have meaning beyond the next meal? Too bloody right it does and that meaning is your choice. To mean something or not, that is the question.
The new buzz sicknesses are Life Style Illnesses: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lifestyle_disease. Yep the civilised world and its accoutrements are killing you more slowly, in increasingly varied ways but prolonging your suffering.

I reckon I can do something about this:
Simplify your food, drink more water, exercise with pleasure, practice yoga and breath modifications and take action towards meditate or inner peace.

The state of meditation is one of loss of your “I-ness” and you become aware and are absorbed by and in the world around you. The I becomes us, the ego dissolves and your awareness opens into something within you that you’d forgotten existed and the world around simultaneously changes, (i)llness becomes (we)llness.

Let’s start somewhere quiet.
Sit upright on a chair or the floor, kneel if its comfortable.
Lengthen your spine by gently extending your buttocks into the floor or chair, place your hands on your legs with the palms down and the tip of your thumb and index gently touching.
Place the tip of your tongue gently on your upper palate just behind your two front teeth and relax your throat.
Lengthen your neck by pulling your chin down and in, a little.
Inhale, being aware of drawing energy from the crown of your head, down your spine to your tail bone, making the inner sound Sooo…
Exhale up your spine and let the energy exit the crown of your head while imagining you are saying Hammm.
Gradually slow and lengthen both your inhale and exhale.
10 minutes will revive and relax you.
More than that it will calm your nervous system and leave you responsive rather than reactive to life’s vicissitudes.

This practice will make changing habits, monitoring impulses and managing choices easier and will help you avoid bad life style diseases.



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