Is a healer and transformation expert situated in Sydney and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Her inspiration is to help you to tune, refine and harmonise your body, mind and spirit. She aspires to guide and support you towards balance and health in all areas of your life. Supporting your intention to find health solutions and  improve your choices to move towards a state of dynamic stability, beauty and strength. She  specialises in health management for both acute and chronic illnesses and for healthy people can help you build a path toward greater constitutional health, physical fitness, mental acuity, emotional stability and spiritual realisation.

Maggi Nimmo offers a selection of physical therapies, physical disciplines, counselling techniques, seminars, health education and a supportive, sustaining network to help move you towards overall well-being. Maggi’s practices include: The Bowen Technique, Sacro-Cranial Technique, Remedial Massage, Foot Realignment, Homoeopathy, Spiritual Counselling and Foundation Technique and Yoga.

Care for you is given by training you in self care and self actualisation, so all your interrelated parts function in a smooth, fluid, orderly and seamless pattern.

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