The Alchemy of Yoga

Yoga is a journey to the heart place where we all belong. Yoga as  with alchemy is a process that transmutes a base material to one of higher vibration.  Lead to gold, hate to love. It is both a physical and metaphorical process. It is a chemical and a spiritual process. It is a physical and literal process.  It belongs to physical matter and to our feelings and imagination.

It has a unique take on the world because of its emphasis on the individual and the process involved in being an individual.  It is traditionally a solitary process differing in that respect from the collective ideologies of popular psychology and politics.

It is an intensely creative process and appeals and rides upon our intuition, creativity and inspiration.  It is therefore vibrant and inexhaustible in harnessing the power of the unconscious.  Yoga uses dreams and unconscious processes to bring into the light the eyes of your soul.  We learn to see with a deeper light.

It reaches to the source of life and is inclusive of sexuality in harnessing the dynamic between the masculine and feminine. Sex in yoga is not just sex, it is depth, it is dying, it is purification, it is redemption, it is life expanding in quantum unfoldings.  It points to the true depth in men and women and honours and enhances our potential. It offers profound healing in a time when so many people are so blatantly confused and wounded.

Yoga is about wholeness. It takes time, just as love takes time.  Patience is important because in the process of life, and thus in its augmentation through the alchemy of yoga, the timing is not simply our own.

The first task is to acquire mastery over the raw stuff of chaos in our selves and in our lives. Chaos being a level of order we haven’t understood yet. Mastery being the ability to love what is as it is.

The second task is called “the inward creation of a body of light.”  The Buddhists call it the Diamond Body. The journey of dying and being reborn. 

It can be characterized as a journey of stages where the ego ceases to be our master, where judgment ceases to run our reactions.  We become intelligently responsive to life rather than reactive. And we journey to a state of self hood.  The self is realized as no self.  Ego is realized as a tool not a master.