Foundation Training


Prevent Back Pain with Foundation Training

Give your body every chance to enjoy strong, coordinated movement for as long as possible! By adding 10-30 minutes of Foundation Training to your daily routine, every move you make will benefit.

Cure Back Pain with Foundation Training

The movements of Foundation Training strengthen the postural chain and synergist muscles of movement. You will learn to decompress out of pain and elongate your spine.  With integrated movement every step you take makes you stronger and pain free.

Improve your Athletic Performance with Foundation Training

The principles of Foundation Training can be applied to many sports and fitness activities. Increasingly major athletes are achieving breakthroughs in their sports in terms of terms and ease of movement.

“My golf game has improved out of sight with Foundation Training.” Peter M., Randwick.

I can dance all night, Foundation Training made a huge improvement  to my leg and hip pain.” Shirley P., Lillyfield.

“I don’t care how strong an athlete you are, if you take the time to master Foundation Training and include it among your existing training program your athletic ability, strength and poise will improve dramatically.” Dr. Eric Goodman

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The products are brilliant and really do help you to improve your general movement patterns, athletic performance and activate great postural integrity.