Sharon’s pre hip replacement operation exercises


Front of Leg StretchA quad stretch. One leg bent at knee resting on a bolster against the wall with the other leg
Leg Strengthening PosesSquat poses particularly Uktasana; stand with feet apart, imagine yourself with a heavy tail bone, using hand movements or moving into warrior poses.“Strengthened my leg muscles, which really helped me immediately post op.”


Horse stance, warrior squat


Warrior pose

Twists Lying with bent knees drop to one side then other.

Halasana “I can do this relaxing and it helps keeps my spine’s mobility.”

Pose of the child “Was very hard and I needed a bolster and blankets as support for my head but again felt it kept the physical pathways open.”
Pranayama in kneeling Virasana position.  “Mostly great for relaxation and to concentrate the mind energy towards the hip.”

Salute to the Sun “This I loved though I didn’t feel like I did it well, it felt like it kept the circuits open, and helped my body remember how to move.











Notes from Sharon

“Most of these positions and poses, I felt, were either strengthening, helped keep up my mobility and flexibility therefore they aided in a quick recovery particularly immediately post op. It’s interesting to note that the physiotherapist at the hospital was impressed with the short time I needed to use walking aids.  Also, she said, that even though I had some muscle wasting in the left leg it wasn’t as pronounced as is often the case- I’m sure these particular poses were the reason.”


Notes from Maggi Nimmo

I extend my thanks to Sharon for allowing me to help with her journey.  She generously allowed me to photograph and publish her in different positions she had found useful.  All of the photographs were taken before her left hip replacement operation.  She recovered remarkably quickly and is now enjoying her new active life on the south coast.