I have been coming to Maggi for the best part of 10 years.

Maggi has treated my family and myself for a wide range of imbalances.
Maggi is an estimable healer with a keen sense for the pivotal factors that throw us out of balance – skills surely enriched by her ability to work in a range of modalities.
I have found my body responds profoundly to Bowen treatments. Maggi’s hands seem to have an intelligence of their own as they work effortlessly in locating in releasing, realigning and reinvigorating the flow of energy throughout my body.
Every session I have had re-sounds throughout and in the time that follows I find myself in a peaceful, balanced and connected place – it is a truthful kind of strength.
Every session with Maggi leaves you not only with a ‘restoring’ body but also a sense of awareness of how our minds connect. It is a holistic experience in the true sense of the word.


Barbara D


Homoeopathy and the Flu

Just wanted to say thanks for the flu remedy you gave me last week. I was barking like a seal for a couple of days, and then the headaches and joint pains started, and I thought I was in for the long haul. I took the remedy on Sunday (twice) and then woke up Monday and went to the gym -no return of symptoms. T

Thanks a lot!! Sue



Dear Maggi

You offered such wholistic support throughout and immediately after my pregnancy. It is therefore impossible to succinctly pinpoint how you have helped. But it is certain that your practical, disciplined and simple suggestions have saved me from getting lost in the emotionally charged sleep deprivation that seems to be the trap of so many new mums. Instead I am enjoying the calm and clear beginning of my little boys life. I have the luxury of just BEING WITH him and watching as he unfolds each new attention, each subtle communication. Thank you for helping me become that mother: flexible, responsive and realistic.

We’re three weeks into the life long journey with baby Saul Miro Ullman. Born 1st August by caesarean, he was 3.8kg. As you know I spent the whole pregnancy preparing for a natural birth and it wasn’t until the end that we discovered the little tike was breech and that try as we might he was not going to turn around. Its at this point that I would like to reflect back to you just how much all the work we have done together: yoga, Bowen, homeopathic and nutritional supplementary support; has contributed to a stable and wonderful experience of my new born. Even the initial shock of a caesarean became just a stepping stone on a balanced path. Without your support I might have become depressed but instead one clear comment from you: “You are not your body.” Removed all the charge around that. That same thought held me steady as we face the religious circumcision of Saul and enabled me to be present to support him and keep him calm.

Throughout the pregnancy I kept up the yoga and regular walking. I felt fit, strong and even attractive as my body went through the transformative work of growing a baby. You gave me regular Bowen treatments that worked with the increased elastine in my body ironing out the scoliosis in my spine and the imbalance in my hips. Besides their corrective work I am sure these treatments contributed to my sense of centered well being, especially in the last month.

After the birth, it was difficult to pick up my child, with the cut through my stomach muscles then I tried the recent yoga practice you had been teaching, of drawing up the energy of the legs to the navel. This simple thought gave my body stable strength that was not from the stomach but supported by the legs. I could pick Saul up without compromising myself. This one function, of picking up the baby, is central to our relationship. My capacity to respond to his call without feeling pain in my own body has helped me to be there for him, to meet his needs.

Saul is a calm and clear baby. He lets me know when he needs something and settles quickly when his needs are met. We haven’t had any dramatic crying frenzies that I’ve heard other new mums describe. Again, Maggi, I think this is due to the work we have done together. You have taught me to manage my own adrenal system. To balance my emotions and work with them as specific information about what does or doesn’t work for me. I manage not to buy into my emotions just for the fun of the drama and I’m using this to help my little boy stay settled. We enjoy lovely connected periods of gazing at each other. I’ve loved watching his attention caught by simple images. But as soon as I see the signs of a tired nervous system  the startling arms flying out etc.  I wrap him up and reach deep for the discipline to put him down. The is no doubt that the Nerve Tonic Tissue Salts you suggested mid-way through the pregnancy set up a good foundation – settling him even when in utero  when he started to really move around my belly through the night. This helped mentally prepare me  so I was clear that my nights were for sleeping. I’ll wake up for a feed but I won’t engage in anything that over stimulates. This maintains the precious islands of sleep that have kept us sane through these early weeks.

Thank you for all of this and more, lots of Love and Gratitude,





Maggi made sense to me.  I now believe you have to look at both mind AND body, once Maggi had put me on the right track with the body – the mind followed.  Old symptoms have gone – as Maggi healed my body, old thought patterns and beliefs about my body’s limitations went too.

Thank you Maggi.

Heather M.


Tuesday 21/03/2006

To whom it may concern,

Maggi Nimmo has been the yoga teacher at PIMCO for the past 2 years. Maggi was hired to teach the yoga classes, with a specific focus on postural issues associated with being sedentary and stress management. She has been highly instrumental in teaching the staff techniques to overcome areas of difficulties on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

I have experienced a lot of different yoga styles and teaching methods and have benefited from being a student of Maggi. Her teaching is very structured and thorough, she is enthusiastic and demonstrates excellent knowledge and a keen interest in this area. Maggi is very patient and understanding providing help and encouragement to students of all levels. She provides additional assistance to students requiring further instruction and to those wishing to go beyond the boundaries of what is being learned so all students benefit from her classes.

Maggi practices a high degree of initiative and understanding in her role as a yoga teacher ensuring that everyone benefits greatly under her guidance.

I would highly recommend Maggi as a yoga teacher.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Athena Bazos
Trade Associate
Tel: (02) 9290 9514



I always thought of myself as a non yoga person, and before Maggi’s class that was true.  Now I find yoga a rewarding and enjoyable activity.

I’m well into middle age and full of aches and pains and injuries.  Yoga has helped enormously to overcome these and make my body work better.

Brenda Rees




Galaxy Healing’s/Maggi’s Hatha Yoga Pilates class is like a complete body realignment for me each and every week. I find that my body will react to the class like it does to a Bowen session or a massage.

Aside from keeping aches and pains away, I will get muscle twitches and feel my body and posture respond for a least a day after the class. And for someone who works at a computer all day everyday, this is fantastic! I also understand and appreciate the preventative and strengthening approach to this class, and as a 30 year old woman, I know I am doing essential things through this class, that my body will thank me for in many years to come!

Best regards,




I made my first appointment with Maggi, for a lymphatic massage in 1990.  I had no intention of mentioning my 11 year old shoulder injury which had received regular physio & chiro treatments.  Maggi immediately spotted the shoulder & was amazed it had not been fixed.  Her initial shoulder treatment was followed up two weeks later with a second treatment and after 11 years of pain & discomfort it was “fixed”.  It was two years before I needed Maggi to again treat my shoulder & it has been perfect ever since.

I now see Maggi on a regular basis as does my husband and two daughters and she has tended to the many aches, pains and injuries suffered by my family.

More recently I have followed her suggestions with grooming so not only do I feel fantastic I also look great.

Maggi has become an integral part of my family’s good health. We all rely on her to keep us feeling and looking, well.

Gracelands NSW


Maggi takes her role as my yoga teacher very deeply.  She has supported me closely through difficult times with one-on-one therapy, and always demonstrates a high degree of very personal care and dedication for my development as a healthy and creative person.

I am constantly inspired and stimulated by her incredibly broad wealth of knowledge and experience of the body and its workings.  I especially value that Maggi assists us all to learn how to listen to and look after ourselves and to maintain and develop our own self-care practices in life, rather than depending on others.  Her classes are humor-filled, nurturing, enriching, stimulating and challenging.



Tuesday, 3 October 2006

I am very happy to provide a testimonial for Maggi’s classes.  I have attended both the Hatha Yoga Pilates and the Body Sculpting courses and have benefited from and enjoyed both.  Maggi ensures that she knows your specific needs and capabilities and manages the classes to meet the needs of all in attendance.  She is patient with varying skill levels but also pushes students to achieve their best and progress each week.  While it is sometimes hard to make the break from the office to get to classes you always always finish the class feeling positive, more balanced and have a sense that you have achieved something good for yourself.



Carolyn B, letter to Maggi Nimmo

I have gained invaluable knowledge and benefited immensely from every one of your classes. Having attended regularly for over the past few years I have had the pleasure of a considerable number of your classes.  I have experienced many different teachers and would have to say that you are the most approachable, dynamic and attentive of them all.  Your attention to detail for your students individually and as a group has given me tools that I use everyday of my life to correct my breathing, posture and psychological well being. Your enthusiasm and innovative approach makes each class a unique and memorable journey. I could go on and on about your virtues. In a nutshell, I come to a class feeling depleted. I do the class and feel positively physically challenged and honoured by your generosity in imparting your extensive knowledge. I leave your class on a cloud, refreshed, confident and shining with inner peace. We are blessed that you are in this world and more so that you are right here in Balmain. Thank you from my heart, soul and whole being. I eagerly look forward to seeing you ASAP. Please don’t go away for too long!


Kerry N, testimonial.

I have been attending Yoga classes with Maggi Nimmo for 18 months now and practiced yoga previously in the UK. Yoga to me is a holistic discipline and practice. At Galaxy Healing what I get from classes is not purely the physical (asanas), I get advice on nutrition, healing and how to help my whole being. All of this being relevant to the time of year and other factors. I like the fact that classes differ throughout the week and I can alternate my practice depending on how I feel also and what fits in with my work. I have also had Bowen Therapy treatment from Maggi which has helped my practice enormously. I am continuously getting better at listening to my body!”




Deb Cummings

When I arrived for a treatment today my lower back was causing extreme pain.  When Maggi suggested I learn to use a large exercise ball for pain relief and management I was sceptical and impatiently just wanted the Bowen Technique treatment to begin.

The ball was amazing.  I followed instructions, lying over the ball and found the balance difficult, Maggi made it look easy.  I had to use my hands for support.  After a couple of minutes of gentle rocking on the ball I stood up and the pain was significantly reduced such that I could barely feel any discomfort.

The Bowen Technique treatment was really relaxing and my back pain free as I stood at the end.




Last week my knees were swollen and were not serving me well. I put the washing soda on them in the night like you said, then we did an amazing yoga practice on Thursday night.  Friday I had new knees.

Thank you thank you



Maggi made sense to me.  I now believe you have to look at both mind AND

body, once Maggi had put me on the right track with the body – the mind

followed.  Old symptoms have gone – as Maggi healed my body, old thought

patterns and beliefs about my body’s limitations went too.  Thank you Maggi.

Heather M, Sydney