maggi3Now to winter. The wet season, the cold season. The questions that arise at this time are to do with maintaining a good immune system, staying warm and how to maintain your fitness, strength and flexibility.


Make sure you exercise regularly to keep up your muscle tone. Muscles create more heat in the body that fat.

Exercise also stimulates your immune system and combats the slight and very common depression felt as a result of the withdrawal of the sun.

Eat seasonal foods, soups, warming fuel that helps you stay alert. In fact use the following criteria: 20 minutes after eating a food or meal check in with how you are feeling, emotionally, mentally, physically and if you are feeling warm , light and clear headed that note that food and eat it in preference to foods that make you feel heavy, cold, dull headed or irritable.

Do weight bearing exercise. The Yoga and Pilates at Galaxy Healing is geared to accommodate seasonal variations. In winter classes are designed to increase your strength and maintain your flexibility. In summer the emphasis is more on flexibility while increasing strength.

Maggi Nimmo has studied and practiced yoga for over 20 years. Her interest in the subject and exploration of the Art of Yoga is inspired by an insatible curiosity about the limitless questions of consciousness and awareness. She teaches Hatha Yoga from a school in Balmain Sydney and runs seminars on the Philosophy of Consciousness. Maggi is a master healer and guide for both your body and spirit.


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