The Sounds of Health


In the last few months in Phnom Penh I have saturated my self in subtle forms of energy healing. I have studied many forms of sound geometry and form, as it applies to human movement and consciousness. Every year that I have practiced yoga, learnt a new skill, such as swimming or Reiki, or healed an injury, I realise that this miracle, we experience as life, is unfathomably complex. So I seek immersion in the experience of life rather than in attempting to understand. I have reached a point where I can look chaos in the face and even if I can’t see it I know there is order and all I can bring to the party is good grace and love.

Over that last few months I have returned to my roots in yoga, Nāda yoga. My first experience of a state out of time and space occurred when I listened to the world’s sounds as abstract impressions and a synesthetic awareness of reality has informed my awareness ever after. Nāda yoga (नादयोग) is an ancient Indian metaphysical system. It is equally a philosophical system, a medicine and a form of yoga. Nāda yoga means “union through sound.” It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. Meditation on sound is one universal path to Self Realization, accessible to anyone and appropriate for people of any religion or spiritual aspiration.

So this Tuesday coming, I am offering a relaxation and Nada yoga class or Sound Bath, I will play the crystal bowls tuned to 528Hz, you get to rest and experience. This frequency has an incredible quieting effect on your body and mind. The 528Hz frequency was used by Lennon to record the peace protest classic Imagine, among the most popular recordings of all time. I am privilege to be able to play a full set of crystal bowls in this so called love or miracle frequency. All hype aside the sounds are transcendent and uniquely available at Enso Healing Space.

Healing Phnom Penh