Disasters bring us closer

The rain has stopped for now, the haus frau in me has finally been able to wash her sheets.  This morning after teaching the early morning (6:30am yes am) yoga exercise ball class, I sauntered home stretched out and hungry.  After washing the sheets I started to hang them on the line and there hanging in the sky was the big pale orange moon, hanging close to the earth, it set around 10:45am today.

The March moon is called a chaste moon, it’s a spring moon in the northern hemisphere. Here the blissful season of Autumn waxes towards us.  Yet here we are in an atmosphere of fear, some people partially blame the moon’s pull for the recent natural disasters.

Our earth’s plates are on the move, the sun is directing big flares out from its core and many of them have and will come our way distorting the electromagnetic fields around our planet, god knows what effect they have on us and our home world. As I write the sun has 34 sunspots, some of which could create what’s called M-class flares. A big sunspot is  emerging over the sun’s south eastern limb, and it is crackling  with activity. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sunspot’s magnetic canopy on March 21st:  <http://www.spaceweather.com/> .  This sort of activity can disrupt electrical equipment and again some people feel its effects as heat, tingling or crawling sensations on their body’s.

In reality we have a Corn Moon, a harvest moon, this is a time to “harvest the gifts you have nurtured and give to those who are in need. Collect and store fresh herbs for the coming winter. Bake special breads to honour the God and Goddess of grain and growing things, share them with your family and friends but save some to offer the Earth.” Lifted from the Pagan Resource Guide, and you all know I’m a very resourceful pagan but definitely need guidance.

Our world is beset by natural disasters.  We build cities on fault lines, to make use of the resources such as oil, water and heat generated by that configuration.  The third world often suffers mudslides, floods, famines and we get used to the starving faces and masks of horror, we become numb to catastrophe.

I see it this way, there are 3 basic ways to relate to the world and others.  We can relate in a secure way, an anxious way or in be in denial or avoidance mode.  I personally have had all 3 types of relationships with others and with the world.  I’d prefer to relate to the world, secure in my self.  If I’m anxious I make bad often impulsive decisions.  If I’m in denial I take no action or make decisions.

I’ve had  quite a few e-mails that go quickly into the deleted file, e-mails attempting to cash in on the Japanese disaster soliciting or touting for insurance, overcoming fear workshops…aghhhhh.  Yet here we are in a fractured world, your decision to help with a donation, volunteer work or such like, could if possible, come from a sense of connection to others.  My adage is to look after each other, in our community and in our families.  In this age of bottom line, step outside your comfort zone and at least pause and offer a thought to the suffering, not because we are afraid and there but for the grace of…. we go, but because you feel connected to all the beings and processes of this planet.

I was listening to an environmentalist  speaking the other evening.  He called the animals and plants of this planet the workers and likened us to guests partaking of their effort and energy.  They give us food, circulate energy, clean up after us and we as the guests use it all up.  Well I’m not sure that the guests are behaving very well, not only with regard to the planet and the over use and injudicious use of its resources but with regard to each other.

It takes  a moment to smile at a stranger, offer assistance to person in need, to make a donation, to volunteer.  But this new found kindness coming from inner security is dependant on first and foremost your kindness to yourself. Make sure you balance yourself with good alkaline foods and clean water, so that the chemical soup of your body is at least a good matrix out of which to observe and interact with the world. If you have a fiery or nervous temperament meditate or at least take the time to relax, any way that works for you, so you can be calmer in relating to others and from my point of view the most important thing is to question your beliefs, inquire as to where you acquired any belief and see if it’s actually valid or true, or if its an imbedded prejudice coming from your family’s background or social mores.

This will enable you to see more clearly your own needs and those of others and possibly enable you decide to act from a sense of inner security and love for our beleaguered planet and its inhabitants.  Our love goes out to all.

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