My jaw is still dragging on the sand


The flight to paradise was kinda gruelling as long flights are, about 11 hours. I watched “The Other Woman” great inflight silliness, and read some of a Swedish crime novel, and had 4 seats to myself so I slept and read stretched out navigating the seat belts in my back with cushions, four of them. The connecting flight got me to Colombo Sri Lanka late and I was met by Mohammad the driver and ferried away to Udekki, the resort I will be staying at.

I arrived after only one policeman stopping us and was greeted by tied staff and Glenn the owner. I slept in a four poster bed surrounded by gauzy nets. The next morning my jaw scraped the sand as I walked around, this palatial yet simple place. The beach is beautiful, the pool luxurious and the yoga and therapy area extensive.

The first morning I decided to clean the spa room and on mentioning this half of Sri Lanka turned up to clean, paint, scrape, what I thought would be a thorough clean turned into a renovation saga. Glenn the owner is a dynamo of doing. I have taught my first yoga class and given a lady a massage.

The beach, the sea… sigh… Come and visit me here at probably the most beautiful resort of its type I have ever encountered. It’s hot but you’ll be alternating between the beach, the pool, the shady pavilions and your beautiful airy rooms… Nuf said….

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