Saturday escape

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The air is full of petrol fumes and dust. Phnom Penh is having a building boom and every block has its ugly high security fence and pavements are littered with building debris and left over ideas. Dirt, concrete, tiles, random steps. Cars are parked across the pavements, disabled access friendly this city is not. It appears you can build whatever obstacles you like.

Much as I love the subtle flavors of Khmer food, I sometimes just hafta find something familiar, something coffee fueled and peaceful. It’s a bit of a Tuk Tuk ride but the calm garden hippy café, Farm to Table, is heaven. The beetroot salad with honey dressing with good coffee, that felt and tasted like liquid love, soothed my addled tropo mind.

Turtles idled in a pond, bantams with fantastic feathered leggings wondered about. Today being Saturday the kiddies squealed and burst balloons while climbing over the old red tractor next to the turtle pond and herb seedling stands.