Stop stressing and get healthy

I don’t have that many chemical vices any more. That’s not to say that I have in the past been immune to mind altering experiences. These days maybe an espresso coffee, maybe a cuppa and occasionally Champagne with oysters. I acknowledge that my inner chemistry will affect the quality of my life’s experience.

I rarely drink black tea as the tannin in it tends to irritate my bladder and cause urinary urgency and I rarely drink fruit juices as the sugar content seems unnecessary. Some elderly people with incontinence, who have come to me for assistance, have benefited from giving up black tea completely and sticking to teas without tannins.

As you know I run most of my yoga classes out of Beyond the Ordinary, a Tea House and Healing Centre extraordinaire. Its proprietor Colleen Kennedy is a Tea Guru she comes up with amazing teas and tea blends and herb tea mixes that are curative for every conceivable ailment or discomfort. A gentle mild way to sooth and heal yourself. I will be running a course for pregnant women soon and Colleen has kindly agreed to suggest different teas for different stages of pregnancy.

A particular favourite of mine is Rose Hip and Hibiscus Tea, a blend that can help with fluid retention. When I do have black tea, I have it with milk as it can neutralise to some extent the effect of tannins and my fav is Colleen’s Organic Black Assam, a tea fit for princesses and rajas, with a subtle nutty earth flavour. But my current tea love is a non tannin, non caffeinated tea that has a rich full flavour and is perfect with milk, Colleen has dubbed it “Spring Honey Bee.” A mind altering experience is one in which by virtue of the experience you CHOOSE to alter your chemistry. A cup of tea, a quiet place, good company and a cuppa all contribute to a deep autonomic calming experience. The world is a better place for you if you allow yourself to make calming choices on a daily basis.

The pace of life is outrageously unhealthy today and leaves many of us frayed around the edges. When you are young it all seems so important, so compelling, but if you lose your peace of mind, and/or your health, all the racing about in the world will not help you to heal. It feels as if you will lose everything if you stop even for a moment, but often a rest, a mini break, a holiday is all you need to super cede your own expectations and fly above the milling tense hoards.

Eat well
You are what you eat, so eat foods rich in life force like plants, fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. Limit refined sugar, fried foods, processed foods, and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol. Eat moderate amounts so the stomach has sufficient room to process what you’ve eaten.
For example, oranges, rich in vitamin C, reduce stress hormones and hormones
Drink ginger tea and add ginger to your food, it aids digestion and stops nausea
Pears relieves constipation
Yogurt with probiotics relieve intestinal infection and inflammation, you can also take a probiotic supplements to create a smooth intestinal movement
Vitamin B helps you reduce stress
Cut down if not cut out stimulating foods like coffee
Stretch, walk, do weight resistant exercises, if you don’t use it you lose it… Exercise controls your appetite, and relaxes your body.
It really keeps the irrits away, it really does work, calm yourself, and breathe easy. Steady calm, quiet breathing creates an anti-inflammatory gas mix in you body.
Give, be Generous
Most people only give and love while expecting something in return… that’s not called love; that’s called a contract! When you give freely, it takes the attention away from your ego, opens the heart and relaxes your spirit.
Good Company
There is strength in numbers. Let go of relationships that are toxic and surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you along your highest path. When you feel down, these relationships will support you so have strong social networks, have good folks around you.
Study, read great literature, expand your knowledge, as with exercise if you don’t use it you lose it..

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