2016, The Year of (inner) Peace.


So we are in the year of 2016. Will this year be significantly different for you?
What are you doing or going to do to feel okay, healthy, happy?

What is your deepest ambition or value? Do you want to be rich? Famous? Loved? What makes you feel fulfilled?
Well good relationships keep you happy and healthy, good warm connected relationships are accurate indicators of future health. Social connections to family friends and community are important.

Loneliness is toxic and decreases your lifespan by increasing all forms of illness mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Pain and ill health are increased, magnified and exacerbated by feelings of isolation and disconnected dysfunctional relationships.

In the long run we as fallible humans, all want a quick fix but the quick fix does not satisfy the deep tribal need to connect and love.

What to do?
Patanjali in The Yoga Sutras suggests this four behaviours will move you towards the possibility of happiness and fulfilment.
Dispassion: do not take another persons behaviour personally, when you are offended, annoyed or angry attempt to see the offenders point of view. Physically relax and soften your eyes it changes you on the inside chemically and enabled you to stand back from negative behaviours, your own and others.
Compassion: Take the time to see the world from another persons point of view and then you might at least understand them. That’s not to say that you stand aside and let injustices or violence be perpetrated but if you at least see another point of view the world will shift its perspective for you
Be Friendly: again relax your eyes and smile or at least stay neutral and observe a situation. Give yourself permission and time to respond and not react to situations. A pleasant word or kindness can diffuse potential hostilities.
Non Envy: Do not envy the luck, beauty, wealth, fame or success of another. Celebrate their success and realise that the lives of others, their inner worlds, are unfathomable to us and their success hard won.

I will be in Balmain from the Monday 4th January till the 12th, if you wish to be in contact for a therapy appointment, cuppa, yoga session just give me a ring or text on 0403095779. I look forward to catching up.
I will be staying near Punch Park so for those of you wishing to participate there will be another Foundation Training Class on Thursday the 7th at 10:00am.