The end (of 2015) is upon us, have a happy holiday

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The run up to Christmas, one step at a time… waking in the quiet first light for some reason I hold my hands up and wonder just why my nails have dirt under them. I don’t remember doing any thing to pull the dirt in, but there it is. Then the stumble to the kettle, nooooo I don’t wake up all perky and nice, I shuffle to the kettle amongst other things and while it does its boil thing I stretch tall, locking my legs into place with strong muscular contractions, then exhausted I take a cup of tea back to bed, I’m not a fan of bounciness in the morning.

The day got weird after that, the local shopping centre with its up-tempo Christmasy loud musac, its announcements, its general retail buzz augmented with an Asian sensibility of general Babylonian cadence left me sensitised and reeling. The bus, the rain, the air of distraction I carry my parcel and letter to the postoffice, and there was attended by a Postal counter hopper who complained that she had lost her umbrella yesterday, a designer umbrella, no less, and then said unexpectedly, ”I try to be patient especially this time of year.” I replied “Yes its a sign of great love.” She grinned at me, I breathed in aware that I was breathing and let out a long slow breath as I jostled through the lines towards the exit.

I try to keep it quiet these days but at the same time feel like I’m disappearing. I went to see the eccentric artist Grayson Perry’s exhibition at the MCA and there’s a man who cannot but make an impression, he is in no danger of disappearing, and the social commentary is sharp, funny, irreverent, ribald and arty. Lots of fun and easy access to a rather jaundiced and wayward view of English culture, it taints your spirit and it is impossible to move through a crowd the same way after experiencing Grayson’s take on the massed human experience. That is the object of art to change,colour, taint and impress your spirit with irrational and surprising emotions and feelings.

So where does it come from this impatience and unhappiness, this dirt in the tendrils of your spirit that irritates and is there for no good reason?

I offer this breathing exercise from Thich Nhat Hanh to ameliorate the the creeping irritations of the days to come:
Breathing in I know I am breathing in. Breathing out I know I am breathing out.
Breathing in my breath goes deep. Breathing out my breath goes slowly.
Breathing in I feel calm. Breathing out I feel ease.
Breathing in I smile. Breathing out I release.
Breathing in I dwell in the present moment. Breathing out I know it’s a wonderful moment.
I’m in Sydney for another few weeks, then I will return to Cambodia. If anyone wishes to see me for an appointment or have a private movement session contact me on 0403095779.