Cause and Effect

The New Year of the Dragon is a new start….
Cause and effect as they manifest in your world are directly related to your belief systems.

What you believe and subsequently feel about yourself, by dint of constant repetitive thoughts and feelings within yourself and the resulting behaviour that comes from those thoughts and feeling-impulses creates your world.

The forces of life will give you exactly what you are thinking about, feeling about, not necessarily what you consciously ask for.

You will manifest around you exactly, exactly what you think, feel and believe within. For example somewhere you may have acquired the belief that you will always have more than enough money then that will be the case. The opposite is also equally true.

To change belief systems requires a little self monitoring.

What you believe and think with passion is your next reality and to the extent that you do not get that then you can be assured that underneath there is self doubt as to your ability, worthiness, or lovability or whatever in direct proportion to the degree that you do not get the life, object, financial success, life situation you would love.

You may not believe that anything is permanent, I think in respect especially to emotional issues. It’s probably derived from pre natal, preverbal and early childhood experiences and observations. The consequence is you behave in a way that makes getting what you would love difficult.

From my early experiences I acquired beliefs that I was less than loved, in fact I remember feeling distain from people as a child and was subsequently bewildered. Now I can behave in a way that at times borders on needy in intimate relationships which drives people away and of course I feel rejected and bewildered. When I behave in a way consistent with the belief that I am loved I feel and am loved.

If you behaved in a way that is healthy, nurtures yourself and those around you then a sense of stability, the best we can manifest as a facsimile for permanence in this world, would evolve and grow organically.

In terms of any of your addictions (smoking/ alcohol/ shopping/ control) I want you to imagine, the feeling of self worth you will gain from being healthy, see yourself full of vigour and alive.

Imagine yourself walking up a mountain in the Himalayas with you body still pumping your life.

See yourself still alive in 20 years standing tall with a grin from ear to ear as you race through the surf to dive into a wave.

Concentrate on the outcome not the day to day, that’s the start. You already know you can do it and you know how good you felt about yourself when you were behaving in a self supporting healthy way.

It takes one second to change. If you can see and feel the outcome you can do it and become it.

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