Take Heart

I’m not personally a fan of the St Valentine’s Day, hoop-pa-la. The commercial, annual imperative to assuage the guilt of neglecting your partner/wife/husband/ or whatever seems like a kinda half assed approach to romance.

There are definitely levels of consciousness going from a desperate lowest level 1 to a transcendent level 7 and each is going to perceive and manifest their notion of romance differently.

Levels of consciousness and romance.
Level 1. Red roses and Black Magic (cheap as), choccies
Level 2. Add dinner out to the above
Level 3. Add breakfast in bed to both the above
Level 4. Use of imagination, thinking just what would my partner/ wife/ husband like and then acting on it.
Level 5. Making your partner feel like the centre of the universe, listening and creating an on going context for expressions of affection.
Level 6. Choosing to express love in the values of your partner, living in a way that apportions blame in your own direction, i.e. Taking responsibility to be friendly, listening and liking your life choices
Level 7. Unconditional love, the preserve of the saints.

So get on it, think about what your partner most values and attempt to imagine what they would like. Feel into yourself and see if you have any resistance to acting thus and if you have, ask why…what memories, what feeling are evoked, what resentments do you still carry. If you can’t overcome them, if you can’t see of feel into what your partner values and express your regard in those terms then maybe you need some help, some counselling, and if you can then have a great night….

Take Heart
Your relationships are not necessarily easy, they are often seamlessly designed to open your hearts, change your consciousness, develop you spiritually. One of my teachers, John Demartini said of relationships between men and women,”Women,” he said, “are designed to help open their partners hearts, and men,” he continued, “are designed to help stabilise their female partners.”

The exploration of alternative ways of thinking and being through an expanded inner state aid you in surpassing your attachment to things, persons and events as they are and allow changes, problems and challenges to be the catalysts to allow you to grow towards self awareness, increased consciousness and spiritual actualisation.

Love is the greatest of all healers.
Love what you do and you will get to do what you love.

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