Expressions of Fear and Levels of Consciousness

Fear the Little Death
You may remember I wrote a series of articles about the 7 universally recognised facial expressions, fear being one.. (Check out my blog if you’re interested) Here is the starting paragraph…
The expression of fear is a warning signal and is triggered in situations where there is a threat or danger. Fear is also part of the fight-or-flight response system that humans have developed as a survival mechanism. When we feel fear, our bodies respond by shutting down unnecessary systems and rushing blood to the larger muscles in our legs in preparation for defence.

Well the 2 great motivators of life are fear and guilt. Fear prevents you from moving forward or rushes you into conflict. Anger is a compensation for fear.

Expressions of Fear and Levels of Consciousness

1. Failure Expected And Received.
At the most desperate, hardly surviving, level of existence fear is your daily bread. It is your constant companion and mediates every action your take. You are run by events, and people outside of yourself.

2. False Emotions Appearing Real
As you grow in awareness and start to take some responsibility and gain some self awareness, you often base your decisions on unquestioned beliefs and the results can be emotionally disastrous life decisions, we’ve all been there. But at least you’re making decisions.

3. False Evidence Appearing Real
Your may question your emotional assumptions but haven’t developed the discernment and knowledge to see just what is real and you jump to conclusions, leap in where angels fear to tread, etc, usually not a great outcome

4. False Expectation About Reality
In questioning your beliefs you may very well start to have developed some common sense but attachment to your preferred outcomes cause you to suffer and you fear that you will not get what you want, and you attract what you think about so often a self fulfilling prophecy is your outcome.

5. Future Events Appearing Real
Okay you’ve been to a seminar and you get attached to an idea, a vision of a perfect future, or an anticipated disaster and you can’t let it go, that attachment causes you to act out of fear of loss or fear of achieving that outcome,.You don’t realise that life progresses and expresses itself through us in ways we can’t anticipate. Expect the unexpected.

6. Forgetting Everything is All Right
You get fearful because you’ve forgotten that life is perfect as it is, if you can’t see the perfection it is just a level of order you haven’t achieved or perceived yet

7. For Everything A Reason
You know that every event has it’s meaning for you, maybe a lesson, maybe a gift you practice love and gratitude for what is as it is. Fear means you are facing your limitations and you move over your obstacles and are grateful for the lessons, the expansion they afford.

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