Strange daze

What a Week…..
Its been an interesting week, hot, cool, muggy and then some, nah it was overwhelming. One night the evening was cool and then the next night it’s sweltering. Who had to go find an extra blanket over the last week or so having put some of your winter stuff in storage? Quite a few of my clients say they have suddenly put on weight for no real reason and the number of deaths seems excessive in my world and people are coming to see me with sorrow and loss in their lives. I guess you reach a certain age, careful with that phrasing, when your grandparents and parents are dying. Nothing reaches into your soul like touching the cold hands of a family member. There is a sense of changes imminent but as yet unviewed.

The economy is not that different. One report says it is doing well and levels of personal debt are decreasing, but small businesses are suffering because few people are spending, well let me tell you I’m not holding back on the spending. The macro economy is doing well, the small folks are in crisis…qui? The economic climate based on the perception of the observer is either thriving or doldrumic. Sounds like physics to me something about two related particles separate and inhabiting the same space. Ahhhhghhh.. And the scientists can’t even agree if they are particles or waves so they call them wave-particles, covering all their bases I guess. Double ahhhhhhghhhh.

Well I’m spending to keep the world afloat. First my dishwasher needs replacing, so ahoy dollars away, now my washing machine has clapped out and needs repairs, ahoy dollars away again and soon I’ll need to replace my car and here come the chorus…ahoy dollars away…

My mechanic rang me and asked me to come and see him, he’s a nice guy I’ve fancied him for years, but I felt like a school kid going up in front of the headmaster. The tone of his voice said something was up and I thought he would suggest I take better care of my car, I didn’t think he would tell me my beloved Beige, (yes my Toyota Corolla, 1979 model has a name, a personality and definitely does not like anyone else driving her) was about to go to the great garage in the sky….

A few years ago a girlfriend and I went to the Hordon Pavilion to see The Flaming Lips and our accompanying male was our designated driver. When he drove Beige’s speed gauge went berserk registering 120 when in fact we were going along at a sedate 50kph. It took a few days for that fit of Corolla pique to settle down. I don’t let other people drive beige, she doesn’t like it. So my mechanic felt he had to tell me in person that my car was on it’s last wheels, “I’m so sorry Maggi but Beige won’t pass her next check, you’ll have to retire her.” So off I’ll go soon and spend, spend, spend on a car. You see I’m doing my bit for the economy.

I guess we’re all stressed about money at the moment. Many of the people coming to see me are suffering from stress and anxiety related diseases. People are treating themselves, by self medicating with alcohol, overwork, chocolate or any plethora of addictive avoidance behaviours. Eventually they find their way to my door and by then the road back to health and being relaxed is paved with obstacles and they ain’t gold.

So pull your fingers out and be proactive drink more water, get my EasypH kit to regulate your blood and cell alkalinity as opposed to acidity. Yes alkalinity is good, translates into more energy, better moods, good health. You know what to do drink water and if in doubt have another glass of water and eat foods that are good for you. Get some fun exercise and ask for help. You know my number, and even where I live, don’t hesitate to call. You deserve to be helped to health, and I need to pay for my bloody washing machine. Fortunately I love what I do and my job is to help you find your way back to doing what you love and enjoying this incredible life you are experiencing…

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