Health and Simple Choices

Health and Simple Choices..

People come to see me because they have health issues, problems or emotional issues. There are many ways to approach health problems but when I question people I usually find they they already know what they are doing to exacerbate their ill health.
“Yeah I know I should drink less coffee and more water, but it’s so hard to remember, I get so caught up at work.”
“I probably eat the wrong foods. Too much take away and too late at night. I,t’s hard to get up and start by having a big breakfast or any breakfast when I’m so tired in the morning. “

Well what’s hard, from my perspective, is suffering perhaps dehydration, the resultant irritation, stress on your kidneys, general swelling and inflammation. The long term effect can be pretty serious, and then you can be not just tired but unable to work because you are so ill or unable to play because you feel exhausted by debility.

So what stops you from changing? Often it’s the inherent knowledge that if you give up something there may be a period of withdrawal from that food or drink and that can be extremely confronting, painful even overwhelming. For example you may suffer withdrawal headaches for a day or so when you stop drinking coffee, so for a short term benefit of no headaches people keep on keeping on with coffee, the long term result being liver dysfunction, an acidic body system, agitation and nervousness. It’s the price you pay.

Not changing can also be the result of culture. Often work functions and meetings expose you to fatty foods, alcohol, stimulants like sugar and lack of sleep all leading to relative ill health. Families may have a habitual environment where comfort food is unhealthy and that habit impacts your health.

You all know exactly what constitutes healthy eating, more vegetables, more water, moderate food portions, more fruit essential fatty acids and good lean protein. You all know that exercise is super important to keep your joints, bones and muscles functioning at peak efficiency. So what’s stopping you?

In the short term you want to be free to live as you like, in the long term you want to be free of pain and discomfort or ill health. In the short term you are afraid of pain, headaches, ridicule from work mates, friends. In the long term you are afraid to admit that time will erode your health if you don’t act now to improve it. In discovering and overcoming whatever prevents you from caring for yourself is where I can help. My job as a healer is to help you identify your self limiting fears of change and overcome them so you can achieve the joyous feeling of health in the present and an optimistic healthy future to look forward to.

Hypnotherapy is most useful to remove inner blockages towards change.
Homoeopathy is brilliant for correcting acute and chronic mental and emotional imbalances.
The Sacro-Cranial technique really helps nervousness and long term recovery from debilitating accidents.
The Bowen Technique is one of the most efficient methods to correct muscular and skeletal aches and pains.
Yoga is an extremely beautiful way to maintain your body, balance your mind and calm your spirit.

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