Turn Back the Clock

I trust you’re about to have an absolutely fabulous week. The wonderful sunny weather is kicking in. It’s time to get up early, I tell you it’s beautiful in the early morning. The next three week early morning yoga course starts on Monday 21st November, on Monday,Wednesday, Friday at 6:30am

This next course is focused on an organ regeneration practice. The breath work will be dynamic and challenging and the emphasis of the indicated practice will be on creating strong and graceful limbs and practices that are anti-aging.
Anti aging tips:
Drink more water, hydration not only plumps and supports up your skin but every other tissue and organ too. Your brain is particularly subject to changes in mood, memory due to dehydration.
Eat more vegetables, especially watery salad vegetables. Inflammation is the main cause of cancer and aging. Vegetables have an anti inflammatory effect on your digestive tract.
Use turmeric as a spice daily. It is al well known anti inflammatory and in some American laboratory tests turmeric killed uterine cancer cells on contact.
Moisturise daily and exfoliate with used coffee grounds, it will leave your skin really silky. If you don’t have access to coffee grounds then use sugar.
Drink at least 2 cups of green tea per day, it is a wonderful anti oxidant.
Use sunscreen to prevent photo aging.
Exercise more. It will give your more energy, build your muscles, increase the blood flow to your skin, help prevent high blood pressure, lessen anxiety, strengthen your bones and raise your metabolic rate so you lose more weight more quickly.
Getting enough sleep is one of the most important habits for anyone over the age of 40.  When you sleep your  body releases growth hormone which stimulates cell turnover.  Your skin will suffer if you don’t get the beauty sleep you need.  
Reduce Stress, take up yoga and meditation. If you’ve had a stressful day things will be even worse – stress hormones suppress the immune system and accelerate the aging process.  So stress less and sleep soundly.
Cut down on red meat it is known to exacerbate inflammation in the colon that may lead to colon cancer
Listen to music it enhances the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine and enhances your memory
Have fun, enjoy yourself with people you feel comfortable with.

Don’t smoke. If you smoke you need to stop. It’s as simple as that. You may not be able to completely reverse the damage smoking has done to your body but you will stop the damage getting worse.
Don’t gain or lose weight repeatedly.  Skin that does not respond to weight loss by shrinking looks loose, empty and haggard.
Don’t eat excessive amounts of sugar, it is very inflammatory.

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