The Five Protocols

The Five Protocols

I had a dream, it was one of those saga dreams, full of adventure, long convoluted stories. I woke up with three words in my head “The Five Protocols.”
As any modern girl would do I Googled it and there are five protocols for putting on muscle, i.e. bulking, there are five design protocols, there are five cleansing protocols for hand washing for surgeons, but no mention of anything useful from my point of view. So I had a think about it and decided that I’d design my own five protocols, after all I take a dream seriously.

The thing that interests me most and my highest value would have to be consciousness, awareness and perception.
So here are The Five Protocols for the Development of Grown Up Behaviour:
Vigilance is the ability to maintain attention and alertness over prolonged periods of time, it is a state of alertness.
Self contemplation is the act or process of thinking about oneself or one’s values, beliefs, behaviour, etc.
Action is an act or doing something, it this case based on your vigilant observations and self contemplation
Change means something has become different, for good or ill, a transformation in behaviour has occurred or a habit altered
Balance is a state of equilibrium, usually relatively instable. Usually requires attention to maintain
Moderation and Maintenance. Moderation is the ability to self restrain, impulse control if you like. This leads to your ability to stay balanced and in a good state of mind.

Even if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty impressive list of objectives. Think about it even if you just started to make vigilance a priority you’d have to change. For example, you’d have to be bright and bushy tailed so you could pay attention and be alert. That means good sleep, not eating food that makes you heavy lidded, drinking water. Did I mention drinking water? That’s mega important, as hydration really helps you to stay focused, yet it’s super simple.

So there you are just by deciding to be vigilant you have to look at what stops you from being same (self contemplation) and then take some action, even if it’s just getting more sleep that may cause you to become more balanced and who knows you might like it enough to keep doing the stuff that makes you feel more alert, or at least stop doing stuff that makes you feel dim-witted, daft or dopey.

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