Let the 2018 good times roll.

So, let’s do 2018. I was felled by some sort of viral load over the new year and that is why the classes are starting this week and not a week ago. I would like to thank all the people who came to my assistance as I struggled to hold my head up. Getting ill, feeling below par, having an acute injury, dealing with a chronic condition all need a different approach.
In general, a few general principles can be applied to illness in general. Nutritional improvements, clean organic food, sufficient rest, initial gentle movement, exercise and asking for help. The most important thing is to let go of  the need to appear strong and let your family, friends and professional therapist or healers help you.
I’m not sure that I have really let you know my qualifications and skills so to that end here is a list of therapies available from me:
Homoeopathy, an amazing technique of gentle natural medicine made from natural substances, that augment and speed up the process of healing on the deeper levels of your body’s blueprint.
Orthobionomy a technique described by the phrase “release by positioning.” The technique is gentle and can be applied during movement therapy, yoga,  pilates or during remedial massage.
Sacro-Cranial Therapy a process of adjusting and improving the flow of fluids and position of facial bones, abdominal organs, nerve conduction and joint function. It is wonderful to resolve the effects of mental and physical trauma anywhere in your body. This technique often improves your facial structure, appearance and general health.
– The Bowen Technique, now this is amazing, a soft tissue manipulation that alters pain pathways, neural conduction and gives almost instant pain relief after acute or chronic trauma .
Hypno-therapy is an effective therapeutic tool in the continuing processes we put ourselves through to remain calm, find equilibrium and deal with long term change.
Pre and Post Natal Therapy and Movement. I love working with mums to be and mums. It is such a transition time. As you may realize i teach classes at Samata Sa on Tuesdays at 10:30am but small numbers and working hours have made me aware that each mum to be needs to have individual times and therapies taught so the pre and post natal classes are on but you need to book in, ring or text to 010348601.
Yoga Therapy. I have been teaching and practicing yoga for 40 years. In that time I have practiced many forms of Hatha Yoga and as I age the deep importance of going back to first principles asserts itself. The purpose of yoga is to still the movements of the mind. As a result I have combined the practices of deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and healing practices (Kriyas) to create somatic (body) awareness and mental clarity and calm.
Pilates is a wonderful tool in movement therapy and helps create tensile strength in your body.
Foundation Training is a strong movement technique to alleviate your back pain, improve your posture, create a strong core and improve your general athleticism. I love this technique and often combine it into my yoga and pilates sessions.
– Reiki. I am a Reiki master so I can transmit and teach the basic of healing Reiki technique to students. Level 1 self healing and Level 2 healing others and distance healing .
My classes are suitable for all ages. I teach general classes here and any advanced students will be given individual tuition towards more integrated movement, breath and meditation practices.
In general private therapy sessions run for an hour and cost $50.00. I am offering a series of 5 weekly treatments for $200.00. It gives me a change to really help effect change in your body and spirit.
Individual training sessions in movement therapy (yoga/pilates) and individual Reiki sessions cost $35.00 each or $280.00 for 10 weekly sessions.
Maggi Nimmo

Email: maggi@magginimmo.com
Web address: https://magginimmo.com
Mobile Cambodia: +85510348601