Hatha Yoga


At the core of the practice of Hatha Yoga are the practices of Stanas (moving postures), Asana (static postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques). The techniques themselves align your physical body, and lead you to a sense of balance and rejuvenation.Stanas, Asanas and Pranayama techniques can be therapeutically prescribed to alleviate and correct physical and emotional problems. Hatha yoga is an ancient science you can use to develop and maintain your health in your body and consciousness.Yoga is a traditional body, mind and spirit training designed to stretch, strengthen and harmonise the practitioner. The result of this training will lead to beautiful, easy, painless and coordinated movements.

Carolyn B, letter to Maggi Nimmo.
“I have gained invaluable knowledge and benefited immensely from every one of your classes. Having attended regularly for the past few years I have had the pleasure of a considerable number of your classes.  I have experienced many different teachers and would have to say that you are the most approachable, dynamic and attentive of them all.  Your attention to detail for your students individually and as a group has given me tools that I use everyday of my life to correct my breathing, posture and psychological well being. Your enthusiasm and innovative approach makes each class a unique and memorable journey. I could go on and on about your virtues. In a nutshell, I come to a class feeling depleted. I do the class and feel positively physically challenged and honoured by your generosity in imparting your extensive knowledge. I leave your class on a cloud, refreshed, confident and shining with inner peace. We are blessed that you are in this world and more so that you are right here in Balmain. Thank you from my heart, soul and whole being. I eagerly look forward to seeing you ASAP. Please don’t go away for too long!

Kerry N, testimonial.
I have been attending Yoga classes at Galaxy Healing for 18 months now and practiced yoga previously in the UK. Yoga to me is a holistic discipline and practice. With Maggi, what I get from classes is not purely the physical (asanas), I get advice on nutrition, healing and how to help my whole being. All of this being relevant to the time of year and other factors. I like the fact that classes differ throughout the week and I can alternate my practice depending on how I feel also and what fits in with my work. I have also had Bowen Therapy treatment from Maggi which has helped my practice enormously. I am continuously getting better at listening to my body!