Our counselling methodology is based on the teaching of Dr John Demartini. Realistically most people or situations that cause problems for you are categorically what they are and are relatively unchangeable. Rather than attempt to change any situation you can transform it by transcending your perceptions of that situation and thus you can choose healthy responses. Your behaviour becomes more rational and appropriate. To do this a new paradigms is needed in your consciousness. One that is more conscious, enlarged and balanced.

The exploration of alternative ways of thinking and being through an expanded inner state aid you in surpassing your attachment to things, persons and events as they are and allow changes, problems and challenges to be the catalysts to allow you to grow towards self awareness, increased consciousness and spiritual actualisation.

Love is the greatest of all healers.

Love what you do and you will get to do what you love.

The Breakthrough Experience, as taught by Maggi Nimmo is a new paradigm where an event, person or object is subjected to intense examination. If the event is perceived in a negative light then a search for the positive side of the perception is sought and found. When our perceptions are so balanced then there is a choice as to our state, indifference or gratitude and unconditional love.

In the process of getting to this state many deep belief systems are challenged, and typically ego stances are exposed. This is not easy and in the beginning requires the persistence of someone outside you to enhance the process. Until the point of love is reached there may be intense ego resistance and a disbelief that this collapse or surrender into love is possible. Once the state has been experience there is no question that something profound and soul stirring has occurred. You have learnt to love what is, the problem person or event hasn’t changed but you truly know love and in that loving you creates an increased potential for change. Just as a child is increased in potential if unconditionally loved, so it is with all else. In fact when you truly love a person as they are on a deep level they know and often their attitude changes towards you in that moment.

The Breakthrough Experience runs over two days, the first being an introduction to philosophy and the actual “collapse” technique, and may be quite a long day depending on the participants ego resistance. The second day delves into the techniques of manifestation and an attunement to your purpose on this planet.

•  Learn the art of balance in all areas of your life

• Develop tools for peace of mind

• Become more conscious

• Appreciate life more

• Learn to be confident in relationships

• Find and manifest your heart’s passion

• Become more present

• Become a leader, not a follower

• Transform any stress or worry into empowered action

• Learn, experience and apply The Collapse Process©.