Alert; trans fatty acids are killing you slowly.

Trans fatty acids are manufactured fats. They are used to keep sauces in suspension, they are emulsifiers, they improve the texture of food, i.e. smooth it out and they act as preservatives. Hydrogenation – the process of adding hydrogen gas under high pressure to liquid oils to turn them into solids at room temperature – increases the shelf life and flavour stability of foods containing polyunsaturated fats.

While trans fatty acids occur naturally in small quantities in dairy products and the meat of ruminant animals, the ones that are causing alarm are those created as a by-product of processing hydrogenated vegetable oils. Trans fats are found in their highest quantities in processed foods that contain large quantities of hydrogenated oils, such as ready-made cakes, chips, pastries, pies, chocolates, sweets and ice cream. Best avoided all together.

Good fats are those made by nature; bad fats are those made by man. That’s all you really need to know.

Simply put, your body uses fats to manufacture its arteries, if it uses natural fats the arteries are pliant, self repairing and flexible. If your body uses trans fats to manufacture arteries they are hard, inflexible, subject to ruptures and form clots and scar tissue, in other words atherosclerosis.

The beginnings of atherosclerosis have been found in infants fed from manufactured baby foods. I rest my case, stop eating junk food, it is killing you and your children and destroying the quality of life you will experience as an older adult.

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