Avoiding the Sugar (white death) Trap


It was clear from the beginning that my latest endeavour would be fraught with difficulty. The comment, “Not having sugar.” As I was offered a plate of cake/biscuits/sugar laden fish sauce, was not going to go down well.

The rich salad in front of me tasted of earthly delights. The red capsicum crunched vigorously in my mouth, olive oil ran over my tongue, made all the more piquant by sharp vinegar. Munching with zest the small lettuce leaves, the sharp taste and texture of Greek feta cheese mingling made mouthwatering delight.

Still the biscuits and sugar came with every coffee and still the looks of incredulity on people’s faces when I decline their sugar. Formerly I would take the offered sweet and play with it on my plate and no one was any the wiser but now I’ve decided to step out of the sugar free closet and will go to great lengths to avoid the sugar traps.