Chemistry of Addiction or Enlightment

The treatments I have received and the daily observances I practice  are deep and subtle. I am really calm now and have got a handle or at least a start to becoming free in a way I really never imagined possible.

I had a stomach ailment but a homoeopathic remedy and rest sent it packing. I was left weak and tired. Some people confronted me with their old behaviour and I couldn’t even conceive of the possibility of responding to them as I have in the past. I am different, the inner quiet and calmnesss is deeper and informs  my responses.

The chemistry and structure of enlightenment and what constitutes enlightened behaviourhas always intrigued me. There is a structure in the central brain that can atrophy a kinda reward centre the Septum Pellucidum (SP) when activated it can heal pain, depression, anxiety and gives a sense of peace and joy.

The parietal lobes cause you to create associations in space, the orientation association area, they allow you to navigate between objects, they create a sense of self and other.

When this separation-orientation system is overactive the Amygdala-Hippocampus (A-H), a system in the central brain designed to assign a sense of importance or meaning to experiences, creates the reality in you that puts a very high importance or value on separation and this can lead to a distinct sense of a separate self and/0r absolute existential crisis.

The frontal lobes are associated with individual will and are the arousal system of your brain. This system is activated by dopamine. If this area is under active then you prevent yourself from arousing the quiescence system or full experience of now. This can lead to an overwhelming biological urge to choose to resist change, biological urges being greater than conscious intentions. If this system is active the A-H assigns importance or meaning to the activation of choice and enchantment.

This naturally flows on to the SP and varying degrees of a non separation or enlightenment experience. Lack of dopamine will increase a persons urge to maintain a sense of separate self will. Boredom is the result of under active frontal lobes.

If the parietal lobes are over active the SP is chronically under active. The SP can shrink, which makes joy less and less available. Once it has shrunk only extreme stimulation can produce joy. This is the biological basis of addiction.

These insights are complex and hard to put into simple terms. Old patterns change and addictions, all expressions, habits, obsessions, substances etc. become less important.

I’ve been studying addiction and the mental processes associated with it.  It’s a minefield. The ability to absorb experience and information on a real level and remain in a state of equilibrium is difficult.

I have discovered a huge range of sub personalities in everyone some opposing each other. The one discovery I have made is that there is no self only a temporary state of balance, that passes for self, maybe that is self.

That state of equilibrium is mighty hard to maintain if you use any substance. Though when you do use it can shut off the fast speed of my brain and slow down the really fast micro operations of consciousness. The reason this feels good is that your brain is vulnerable, unbalanced and consciousness exposed to vacillations and inner oppositions and these operations (sensations, impressions, inner experiences) are transformed specifically into sensations rather than thoughts.

Sensations are easier to experience than thoughts and they can be seductive to say the least but thoughts are more seductive, at least for me. I have exposed in me a state of mind where the structure of my brain and the structure of thoughts are similar. They feed each other and create at times cascades of almost irresistible impulses. The interface world of me.

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