Recipes for Relaxation

I had a quiet morning, for the first time in ages. I have been practising Yoga Nidra for years now and have come to value the enlightening path of relaxation and stillness. I have a few other practices that augment my predilection for quiet and healing.

It starts with half a packet of washing soda or Sodium Carbonate a water softener and is also a refreshing and anti-inflammatory body soak. Lectric Soda Crystals can be purchased from most supermarkets in Australia. The other part is cheap as chips mayonnaise, not for eating but as a hair treatment.

So I draw a bath and pour in the half packet of Lectric Soda and while the bath is filling I take 3 big scoops of the mayonnaise and slather it in my hair especially around the ends. Then the most passion killing part, I put a plastic bag around my head and secure it with a peg. Now I wash my reading glasses with soap and warm water and dry them, perching them on my nose and find my current book, at the moment I’m working my way through Scandinavian Crime fiction.

Let me set the scene, the bath is filled with hot water the salts dissolving and as the alkalising salts can make the water slippery I lower myself carefully into the water, rest my plastic bag encased head on the bath edge, nestle my arms into position and start reading. After a while I put the book aside and rest my hands in the water and go through the systematic relaxation of Yoga Nidra.

I follow this with a shower to wash the salt off my body and the mayonnaise out of my hair. I then use some left over beer to give a final cold rinse to my hair. The Lectric Soda relaxes your muscles and acts as an amazing anti inflammatory, the mayonnaise tones and treats the hair shaft and leaves your hair really shiny and the beer actually ads an amazing amount of body and there is no smell, I promise you there is absolutely no smell once your hair is dry. The main thing is the general feeling of peace that come from conscious relaxation and the easy on the budget products that really give your body a boost.

The final cherry on the cake is to give your body a quick spray with magnesium chloride. Let me explain. Magnesium is an amazing anti spasmodic, anti-cramp and muscle relaxation substance. There are many ways of getting magnesium, oral supplements, cell salt supplementation with Mag Phos and my preferred version Magnesium Oil.

When you go swimming in the sea your body absorbs a lot of minerals magnesium being amongst them. That is one of the reasons you feel relaxed after a swim. I was in Singapore recently and my knees were stiff and sore, my friend suggested I use this oil as a topical anti-inflammatory. I sprayed this slightly sticky liquid on my skin over my knees and within 30 seconds the discomfort of my knees disappeared.

Subsequently I found a supply of food grade Magnesium Chloride powder and I dissolved the powder in 250ml of water and every morning I spray some on my chest and knees and at night I put a teaspoon in a glass of water and sip that before going to bed. You know I’m sleeping well and have reduced the inflammation in my legs. I carry a small spray bottle of the oil when I go out and use it if I get an ache, tell you what it’s amazing.

Today I massaged the oil into my legs with moisturiser and I’m a happy, relaxed walker just finished a yoga practice after my bath. I know, I know it’s a busy world but it’s sometimes fabulous when the gods give you the space to relax and just be.

Recipe for Relaxation
2 cups of Electric Soda
1 bath filled with hot water
3 tablespoons of cheap mayonnaise
1 plastic shopping bag and peg to secure
1 small bottle of cold beer
A spray bottle filled with pure magnesium oil

(I Sutra 47)

“Nirvachara vaisharadye adhyatma prasadaha”

Nirvichara = thoughtless, a state of being hollow and empty; vaisharadye = undisturbed pure flow; adhyatma = spiritual; prasadaha =grace

“The experience of the state of thoughtlessness, being in the undisturbed state of hollow and empty, spiritually brings the grace of the being.”

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