It’s a Matter of Attitude

It’s a matter of attitude….

From many people’s perspectives I have a bad attitude. I don’t accept the status quo, I question everything, I presume that every person or event has a multitude of influences, good and bad. I think I have a good quality attitude (as I would) but I do question the obvious and behave in a way that is not consistent with the common man. As one of my teachers said if you want to have an extraodinary life do the opposite of the common man.

I think each and every one of us should seek and do what we love, check out Steve Job’s TED talk:

I think I can take care of my own health and I’m happy to ask for help to do so, have a look at my website: Click on Articles and Choose Basic Back Care

I think that as a culture we should educate our children to be compassionate:

I think the highest form of meditation is love and gratitude for what is as it is
I think that as a planet we could eradicate hunger
I think that to stop war you have to find a way to stop fighting yourself
I think polite and friendly behaviour is better than rudeness (tempting as it is)

Yup I really believe it is possible to change. The difficulty is each individual’s inherent inability (in varying degrees) to get out of their own way.
So what constitutes our obstacles?
Unquestioned belief systems that lead to prejudice, envy, jealousy and bullying
Feeling helpless in the face of emotional or physical pain. Heavens there are so many of us willing to help, you don’t have to go it alone or be clueless as to what to do, just ask?
To develop communications is the key to inner, inter personal, community and international progress. I have included this TED talk by Matt Ridley to express this:

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