My maleficent wardrobe


I found myself yelling at the wardrobe door yesterday. I growled, “Stay.” a few times and then a few despairing, “Stop it!” As I attempted to remove dust from under my bed and the door banged against me more than a few times.   Maybe it was the fumes from the eucalyptus oil in the cleaning cloth or maybe it was that the wardrobe had generally joined in with the general animating of objects that seems to dog me of late.

It’s kinda shamanic. Life can be described as meaningless or with a change of attitude every event can have a personal and cosmic significance, the Sharmanic journey.

I came across this type of thinking many years ago. I was on a treatment table near Curl Curl Sydney and I realised I was being bitten by a flea. I mentioned it to the practitioner. He had cats and I figured he needed to know. He said, “Think of it as a cosmic acupuncture treatment.”

I said, “Let’s not get carried away here, it means I have been bitten by fleas and you need to vacuum.” Well that shot to hell any rapport between the practitioner and my good self. I left and immediately went home and cleaned the bejesus out of my own treatment room, trying not to scratch my bitten legs.

Was my prosaic attitude to the bites just me not finding a positive meaning in life’s vissitudes or was I as usual exercising common sense? I’m going to pat myself on the back and say it was common sense, others can agree to differ.

All this is now up for question. You see sidewalks rise up to trip me up, shelves lower themselves to hit me on my head, jeans shrink while folded on shelves, tables migrate just sufficiently forward to bruise my legs as I pass them, insects scuttle across my kitchen floor just quickly enough to avoid my well aimed shoe. So how to Pollyannize these events, take a positive spin? Hummm?  I’m finding that difficult so I just snap, grumble and yell at the offending objects and insects that choose to annoy me.

“Talking to yourself Maggi?” well maybe I’m going insane or maybe the world’s former objects are really becoming animated and I’m about to begin a Sharmanic journey where every event has significance and meaning for my good self. Perhaps I can even find a better attitude, but a search for meaning in everything sounds exhausting. I think I’ll settle for yelling at my wardrobe it’s kinda satisfying and it really doesn’t seem to mind. Today it didn’t even try  to hit me but then again I didn’t attack it with my cleaning obsession, oil and attitude, all thanks to a flea in Curl Curl. If it wasn’t for that flea maybe I’d just leave the dust alone, ahhhg I think I just found meaning in something I thought was a random event. Damn I might have to redo my attitude.

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