The Art of Global Change.


This new world is full of hope and despair. The Golden Calf is still the object of our prayers. How to get rich, create financial success, manifest money, refine your purpose to include riches…. Hummmm… How did we get so far from the truth of relationships, with 95% of the assets and money in the hands of 1 or 2 % of our earth’s population.

We cannot sit comfortably with ourselves if one person starves let alone millions. I certainly am not content with a world where conflict over beliefs escalates into blaming hate and killing.  The more poverty we engender the more likely people are to express themselves by survival driven fearful acts of desperation.

So how can little old you or me start to act differently, err on the side of generosity instead of suspicion? It is not asked of many of us to make sacrifices for the common good but you and I can support those who feel so called.

Each individual has an area of interest, whether it be climate change, sustainable housing or agriculture, cultural enrichment, feeding the starving or supporting recovery from addiction. My area of expertise is consciousness and its development.

The development of awareness, compassion and the presence of our own connection to humanity’s choices and our contribution to the direction we will go.  What  inheritance we will leave our children?

The world is at a turning point, we cannot waste any more time or resources on clothing the rich and despoiling the poor and the lands they inhabit. The solution lies in each of us to spark compassion and act from that place no matter how seemingly insignificant.

Yep act locally think globally. Awareness and developing a sensitivity of yourself and others is crucial.
To that end I am running the ART Of WALKING this Sunday 9:30am at Yoga Phnom Penh–courses.html