Leaving on a Jet Plane…la, la, la.

Sri Lanka #3 2014 004
It is the morning of my departure to the northern hemisphere. It is with a great deal of love and gratitude I wipe up the last of the dust in my house, drink the fine loose leaf tea with full cream organic milk and finally send this missive.
I have given years to healing and still will give. When someone leaves your life even for a short time, their energy merely changes its form in your life. Rather than coming to class find ways of strengthening and stretching to become pain free. Rather than lying on my healing bed research and act to initiate your own healing. Question your beliefs about where and who you are and often they are the root cause of your suffering.
Love with passion, be prepared to act against the grain and make this world a fairer, more peaceful place starting in our own hearts. You may be vilified but in changing you will rub a few people up the wrong way. What’s important is that you become open to change and meet your resistances with questions. Act with intelligent love.
I will be back in 2015.
See you in cyber space.

I have come to understand a lot of things over the last 4 weeks. As you may well know I am taking time away from Australia to share Foundation Yoga in Sri Lanka.
I have recently returned from sunny California where I have trained with Eric Goodman in the Foundation Technique http://www.foundationtraining.com.
I have found the Foundation Technique Training to be incredibly curative. I injured my back, bulging 3 discs, a few years ago and suffering extreme pain and disability. Now walking is a joy and my back is strong and starting to regain flexibility. A combination of Yoga and Foundation Training or Foundation Yoga is my daily practice of choice. Most of my students have got amazing results in health, poise and general well being from practising these techniques.
Foundation Yoga used the Foundation Training techniques of Dr Goodman combined with yoga poses, breath augmentations and profound relaxation techniques. The inhale challenges you to grow and expand and the exhale supports that growth and expansion in a healthy individual.
If you are trying to find the best way to strengthen your back I highly recommend using Foundation Training. Dr. Goodman did not develop some new fringe idea with false promises. This is an evidence-based, functional approach to reverse the negative effects of sitting



http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O3nLJgRO-d8 Forced breath and breath anatomy

Come and play at Udekki. Since a back injury a few years ago I have consciously wanted to earth my feet creating a more solid connection to the earth. When you stand bare footed on the ground a frisson of electron exchange happens between your foot and the earth, called sweetly enough earthing. I rarely use a non slip mat any more I contract and stretch my feet, I lift my foot’s arches and mimic the action of my hands with my feet. I start to feel the muscular and energetic connections drawing up through my body, activating a series of anti gravity muscles and causing me to stand erect. Within minutes I feel better mentally as hormonal changes cascade through my blood.

Udekki means drum and is in the middle of one of the most healing centres on this planet. There are many Ayurvedic treatment centres in the area and my intention, when there, is to do what I do best, to help people to become the best they can be. Sometime a retreat or holiday is the best way to clear your cobwebs, combine that with great food, fun, music, laughter, restorative exercises, relaxation, ocean bathing and long walks and Bob’s your uncle
One I have arrived it may be difficult to send mass emails, if you wish to stay in touch, so I suggest you subscribe to my blog which I regularly update, besides it’s often quite funny… http://magginimmo.wordpress.com
Or connect with me via the travellers’ friend Facebook, Maggi Nimmo and even go so far as to LIKE my health and healing page Foundation Yoga.
I will update my web page to include Udekki activities as soon as I know what they are….
The email address that is easiest to reach me by is Maggi Nimmo

Regards and love Maggi Nimmo

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