Sugar Sagas

Sugar Sagas
As you may well remember I have been banging on about the poisonous effects of sugar, for now you’ll just have to take my well educated, and unrefined word for that. Sooo really could I have picked a worse time to foist my views into the ethers. Well nooooo, when you think about it, the silly season is upon us and moderation in all things, even moderation, the middle path where you have neither too little or too much, the path of Goldilocks, “It has to be just right,” has all but flown the mental coop. Oops there goes another hangover…

Well, let’s look at the Goldilocks Path,”It has to be just right.” This applies to your blood it needs to be a slightly alkaline pH to function properly and if it becomes acid, due to sugar, lack of water, eating takeaways etc, your body goes into over drive to make its blood pH normal and the continued attempts to do so drain your life force…. Enough already, suffice to say sugar amongst other things is especially bad for you… End of story..

But its not the end of the story it’s the beginning because sugar is addictive and a return to normal internal chemistry is full of cravings, emotional lows and flat days….Its sooo tempting to just reach for the honey or a cake. Now I’ve just had some frozen cherries just to see what effect they would have on a sugar free system and the effect of the fructose was almost instantaneous but the flat effect 30 minutes later was unpleasant enough to give me pause. Cherries, for gods sake, well it’s true my system was unused to simple sugar in any form and because you are buffered by other foods the effect usually ain’t so obvious. I wanted to experience the raw effect of a simple sugar that was healthy and all I can say is, be careful, even the healthiest of sweet foods causes a strong reaction chemically that affects your mood and possible behaviour.

So little bears, I know you love your sweeties, but really. You care for the planet but still pollute with cars and plastic, even though you recycle, is it enough? Probably not, but it’s a beginning. Action of any sort must begin with you, in your family in your community, then maybe globally, but it begins with you. If you wish to clean up your environment start with your own bloodstream and body. It takes will, its takes self questioning, it takes thought and effort. When you are able to keep your blood clean, look to cleaning your streams, rivers and oceans….golly the end of days is neigh, or not, and it’s like your mother said always have clean blood or was that wear clean knickers, I can’t remember I’m thinking about how to not think about the remaining frozen cherries in my freezer..

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  1. Love this eh Maggi, when I get over the five essential brown vegetables, tea, coffee, chocolate, tobacco and beer, I was thinking of attacking sugar with a passion, its like some evil electrolyte in our system which we don’t need at all. Throws out our hormones and the whole shebang goes sideways. Love these posts. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti OM,

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