Sugar the slow killer

Sugar, the slow killer…
Even though I am a relatively calm, and in some respects an enlightened person, today I felt like slapping someone. In the suburb I live in, over the last few years, there has been a prolific amount of breeding. At 3:00pm on weekdays the mothers collect their children from school. The street is crowded with skate boards, backpacks, yoga gear that has not seen a mat and the crowds gather outside the quick fix food shops.

I had a dentist appointment otherwise I would not have been in the street at the feeding frenzy. But there I was. I tried to put blinkers on and not look. Small children eating buttered and pink iced buns, buns that were bigger than the children eating them, their faces sugared with sticky icing and their stomachs starting to churn to digest the sugar and simple starches.

I didn’t want to think about the inflammatory effect of the habitual use of such foods. Blood vessels get roughened and fats start to accumulate clogging arteries.

Add to that, the use of Trans Fatty Acids (manufactured fats) in such foods, and you get hardened arteries. In fact there is evidence of the beginnings of arterial sclerosis in many infants after being fed manufactured baby foods that emulsify and texturize foods with trans fatty acids.

Sugar especially fructose is now recognised by the medical fraternity at a major cause of heart disease as well as diabetes, inflammatory conditions, obesity amongst other serious diseases. The Trans Fatty Acids and sugar both harden and irritate your tissues, your arteries, they produce acidic bodies that make you prone to cancer, immunity deficiencies, arthritis etc.
(This is a short essay, brilliant and worth reading:
This is a longer YouTube video, but its worth listening to/watching, You will probably re think what you are eating and have a better appreciation of the politics of Sugar.

These small children eating buns almost larger than themselves were not being fed well. Yes children have a sweet tooth but that does not mean we feed them sugar creating sugar addiction and sugar expectations. Children can go into demand mantras that wear their parents down. Sugar addiction, impulsive eating, etc are as hard to cure as heroin addiction especially as we cannot entirely avoid sweet tastes in our daily life. I really had to clench my fists and zip my mouth and say nothing, do nothing while I watched children becoming over time obese adolescents, riddled with hyper tension cause by sugar, low body image, eating disorders….aaaagggggh.

My point is your children deserve better. Children are your responsibility, it it part of your duty of care to model and teach them good eating habits. It is part of the job description of being a parent to say no to your children when they go into I want sugar mantra. My god people your children are worth taking care of.Our children do not choose to be fat

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